What are the characteristics of a Conan story?

Unknown history
The world has a long history. Most of it is unknown to the people alive today. Whole races and peoples have prospered and disappeared before the present day. There are ruins and mysteries from past times to be found.

Intelligent races have come and gone through the past. There have been races who were better than modern day humans. Likewise, races have regressed from once great heights.

City states
There are vast, unexplored or unsettled areas. Communication and knowledge of other parts of the world is patchy or unknown. Where people settle they band together with others of their culture and hold it as best they can. There are few central powers.

Varied locations
Conan travels from place to place, exploring the known world and unseen lands.

Easy come, easy go
Any benefits obtained are temporary. Wealth and belongings are held briefly, then lost. This goes for jewels, armour, weapons, friends and more.

Conan is exceptional
He is stronger than any man. Quicker, faster and more durable. He stands out immediately as someone to be reckoned with. He triumphs where others would fail.

Unique monsters
Monsters are very often seen once. Due to his travels he may have seen them more often but for the average person and encounter with a creature should be a rare and strange occurrence.

Humans are main race
The known lands consist of humans and humans only. Any non-human races are few and far between.

Live by the sword
This is before the time of police. Laws are simple and are only as good as the power enforcing them. The powerful exert force over those less powerful.

Magic is rare and strange
It is rarely seen and not understood when it is. Magic users are feared.

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